Turtle Conservation – Bangkaru Island

Pulau Bangkaru is is the name of the last island in Indonesia with intact primary rainforest, the second biggest island in Pulau Banyak, one of the world’s leading nesting sites for the Green (Endangered), Leatherback (Critically Endangered) and Hawksbill turtles.

Every night, all year round, Green Turtles lay eggs, mainly on the Amandangan beach (over 1 000 Green turtles nest per year on these beach). Green turtles have over 1m long shells and weigh over 200kg. Between November and March there are also a few Leatherback turtles laying eggs. Almost 2m long and 500kg heavy!

The Island is uninhabited, there is only one cottage, a Research Center on  Pelanggaran Beach ( have some dormitories for visitors), built up by the government for the rangers, who take care and protect the turtles.

The only way to see the turtles on Pulau Bangkaru is through YPB (Yayasan Pulau Banyak, or the Pulau Banyak Foundation). Walk to the Amandangan beach is allowed only with these rangers  You will stay together with them in Research center and in the darkness you will walk with them through the jungle for 30 minutes, around 2km, passing the real jungle with giant plants and lot of animals, to the Amandangan beach.

The reason for this are several:

  • YPB has an agreement with the authority responsible for all national parks and protected areas (KSDA).
  • To avoid disturbing the conservation from the people who come to steal the eggs
  • To avoid exploitation by less serious organizers and disturbing from developers.
  • To help finance the conservation activities, research and monitoring work

Only these financial support from visitors is reason to allowed the turism on these island.

Even not any visitors come, the guards every day are patrolling the island from poachers and do the research and monitoring work.

Every night throughout the year you can see the green turtles laying eggs on the beaches  of Bangkaru Nationalpark, thats while is for sure one of the most special places on Sumatra.

You will se how a turtle lays egg and how the monitoring and research is done through tagging and measuring. If you are lucky enough to see a Leatherback. You will never forget the starlit beach, the sound of the breaking waves, the dark rocks rising tall and the sound of the jungle behind. It is not allowed to wander off by oneself, using flash on your camera or using any lights. Only red light is allowed on the beach. We like to protecting the turtles, not disturbing !!!!

Do not bring more than you need. Wrap your stuff in plastic when landing an leaving. You are likely to get wet. You will need a torch for the jungle walk.

There is no phone signal at the Island – about the internet is no need to speak. So the guys are really alone with the nature.

It takes only one hour from our place by speed boat.

Cost – 2 200 000 Idr per person (overnight stay)

800 000 Idr per person per extra night

Price includet :

  • permit ticket
  • all food and drinks (the rangers will cooking for you)
  • dormitory in a Research Center
  • and the most expenssive part – speedboat with an experince driver